Computer Sharing

Computer Sharing
Computers are classified in several viewpoints, based on:1. The data is processed or how it works2. Its use3. Size or capacity

1. The data is processed or how it works 

Based on data processed or how it works, computers are classified into three types, namely: analog computer, digital computer and hybrid computer. 

a. Analog computer 

Analog computers are used for continuous data rather than numerical data, but in physical form, such as electric current or temperature.The output of an analog computer is generally for setting or controlling a machine. Analog computers are commonly used in controlling processes in chemical plants, power plants, etc.The advantage of an analog computer is its ability to receive data in physical quantities and directly measure the data without having to be converted first, so the process of analog computers faster.The disadvantage of an analog computer lies in its precision factor, digital computers are more precise than analog computers.

b. Digital computerData received on digital computers in the form of numbers or letters. Digital computers are commonly used in business applications and engineering applications.The advantages of digital computers are:1. Processing data more precisely than analog computer.2. Can store data as long as still needed by process.


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3. Can perform logic operation, that is compare two values ​​and determine the result, that is comparing element value one smaller or equal to, or smaller equal to, or not equal to element of second value.
4. The data already entered can be corrected or deleted. 

c. Hybrid computerIn a special application required a computer that is able to solve problems faster than digital computers and faster than analog computers. A hybrid computer is a combination of analog computers and digital computers. Data received in the form of numbers or letters and physical.