An application software is a software program that has commands processing activities required to execute user requests with a specific purpose. Application software consists of:

1. Programming language (programming language) 

2. Application program (Application Program) 
3. Program package / application package (packet program) 
4. Program utility (utility program) 
5. Games and entertainment and others 

To support the application software operation above the computer user task is divided into:a. Systems analystb. Programmerc. Operatord.Administrator database, the person in charge of defining and manipulating database software. This is required if the software that is operated will use the database application.e.Administrator network, the person in charge of managing the operating system software, application software used in a computer networkIn computing, an application is a type of software designed as a tool to allow users to perform one or several types of work, typically associated with data processing. Application software differs mainly from other types of programs such as operating systems (which run computers and incorporate various computer capabilities), utilities (which perform maintenance or general purpose) and programming languages ​​(with created computer programs).


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Software applications can be divided into two general classes: 

The software system is a computer program that interacts with a very basic low level computer. We can mention as an example of OS device drivers, firmware (firmware is an example of a computer BIOS), and a GUI that allows Users to interact with a computerSoftware applications (usually simply referred to as Software) are software that allows users to perform certain tasks. We can mention some examples like Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, Adobe Photoshop, and so on. 
Type of Software that can be used: 

Freeware (Can be used freely)Shareware (Free to use within a certain period, and if you want to proceed must pay (Demo / Trial)).Commercialware (Must pay)